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Code Geass Doujin Sales Post

So. TL;DR I need some money and since I'm not much into Code Geass anymore, I figured I might as well offload some of my doujin. I'll be sad to see some of these guys go, but I'd rather someone else actually get some use out of them. They're just taking up space for me.

Prices include shipping within the US. I will not ship outside the US, sorry. I only accept PayPal; This is for your safety as well as my convenience. Prices may be slightly negotiable. Please comment if you have any questions, would like some preview shots or are interested in purchasing. Thank you~!


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Portal - You can has cake and counseling

So what did YOU do at animeNEXT~?

I had an awesome time, that's what I did! I'm sorry for all you guys who didn't have as good of a time. D= But I really enjoyed myself a lot more than I expected too. There were a few bumps, but the pros certainly outweighed the cons. It was great~

And if I don't do this now, it'll never get done, so I'm actually going to write a con report, yay me...!

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Overall, I had a really awesome time and saw some really awesome people.

katlovescookies: OMG I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR ALL OF YOUR PHOTOTAKING. You're an amazing photographer and I am forever in your debt for always wanting to take pictures with us. I don't know how you put up with all of our demands. I always feel guilty for taking advantage of your willingness to take pictures, but I appreciate you so so much. ;n; ♥
mojoflojo: OMG I'M SO GLAD WE GOT TO HANG OUT AND STUFF. I never get to see you, that made me really happy that we could just talk and chill. And Spaingland. Finally. Yes. Are you looking forward to Otakon? Because I am~~~ OwO <333
seatalia: Never stop being so cute. ;n; I'm so glad I got to see you again. It's been way too long. You are still one of the sweetest, funnest people I know.
phish93: YOU ARE ADORABLE. Thank you for indulging my big brother idiocy. XD I can't wait to hang with you again. *huggles* <3
astachan: Thanks again for letting me stay with you! I'm glad we got to talk Sunday morning, that was really nice~ I really enjoyed it. It was great shooting with you; you're an amazingly talented cosplayer and it was so cool to watch how easily you and Sonteen posed together. I hope to see you again sometime soon. Keep your head up...!
bluucircles: I'm so happy we got to legitly hang out~ Saturday night was great, I'm so glad I went. I hope your first day at the new job went well, and I can't wait to see you at Otakon~!
netto_zero: If you end up reading this. XD Thanks a bunch for dragging me along Saturday night. I really appreciate it and I had a blast. We live so close, it would be awesome to just chill with you sometime. ouo
kitsunedoll: It was awesome to see you again. ;n; I'm so glad you were happy to see me too, and we should totally talk more and stuff. Good luck on your epic trek to AX~

And thanks to everyone else who I saw and talked to and hung out with. You all helped make my animeNEXT awesome. I'm really glad I went, and you all made it worth going too. I hope to see you all soon~~

Next up, Otakon!